Twitter Might Remove Your Account, Username (if You’re Not Using It)

There was a time during which Twitter was a great deal more popular than it currently is, but as the overall popularity of the platform declined this lead to a lot of people no longer using the accounts that they had created. During Twitter’s heyday countless people made accounts on the micro-blogging network, but it is quite common for them to no longer be using it, leaving their accounts more or less dormant for years on end.

However, it seems like this period of complacency may be coming to an end because of the fact that some people that have dormant Twitter accounts have been receiving emails from the social media platform informing them that if they don’t log in to their accounts by the 11th of December 2019 they are going to lose access to this account, that is according to a screenshot tweeted by Matt Navarra. Basically the account will be removed and the @handle (AKA username) will be up for grabs.

This is going to be particularly important to note for people that don’t really use Twitter at the moment but do have handles that they would like to keep perhaps because they are catchy or perhaps because they represent some aspect of who the person truly is in a way that no other handle would be able to capture.

If you log back in to your account following this email, you are going to get what seems like a bit of a refresher course as far as Twitter is concerned. This refresher course is essentially supposed to help you better understand the kind of changes that might have been made to the terms of use and the like. Following this you will be asked what kind of notifications you want after which you can start to use Twitter normally. People hoping to snatch up a particular handle might be excited to see what would be up for grabs.

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