Twitter Has the Most Child Abusive Content Out Of All Social Media Platforms: Report

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a UK-based foundation found out that almost half of the child abuse content on social media platforms is shared on Twitter.

According to reports, 49% of the child abuse images, videos and URLs circulation on social media, search engines and cloud services are found on Twitter, from the last three years. This means 1,396 incidents out of 2,835 are on Twitter.

Twitter’s filters failed to detect the sensitive and abusive data. These sexually abusive images and videos were easily available on the platform that anyone could see.

IWF is known to minimize the availability of sexual content, especially child abuse content, on the web. It especially focuses on removing the child sexual abusive content, including images and videos.

Its website says they look for child abuse images and videos to remove them. It also allows people to anonymously report the abusive content found online.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine was ranked second on the report, and 604 incidents were noted during 2016 and 2018. On number three is Amazon, with 375 incidents, followed by Google, 348 incidents.

Other tech giants were also found guilty but comparatively had lower number of incidents. IWF reported, 72 incidents were hosted on Facebook, 18 on Instagram and 22 on YouTube.

In response to the report, Twitter’s spokesperson said they have concerned regarding the procedure of finding these figures and the overall results. However, the company said it will work with IWF to act over these concerns and make the platform safe.

IWF CEO and OBE, Susie Hargreaves stated that the data they present is accurate and was fairly collected, irrespective of where they found the abusive content.

Some of the reports earlier claimed that Bing is still hosting child porn content and some of the keywords show child sexual content in the search.

According to reports, even after an year of the Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine said they are working on the issues, the sexual content can be seen in the searches.

This is considered as a failure of the tech companies to address the issues like child abuse. The tech giant, Microsoft also created a detection tool called “PhotoDNA” almost 10 years ago to combat the issue.

The company says one of the major reason for not completely getting rid of it is privacy issues.

Photo: Bloomberg / Gettyimages

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