What Are the Most Popular Tech Related Gifts This Year?

Tech gifts are very common which is understandable when you take into consideration just how prevalent technology is in our day to day lives. It just makes more sense to give your loved one something that is related to tech, and as a result of this fact nearly a hundred billion dollars are going to be spent on tech gadgets in the Christmas season this year which basically lasts from November to December.

Around three quarters of adults in the US are planning to buy tech gifts during the holiday season, but what gifts are they most likely to buy? Well, according to Consumer Technology Association, around 58% of adults in the US are planning to buy headphones or earbuds as gifts this year. That makes sense because of the fact that these are not dreadfully expensive products, you can buy them for relatively cheap and they are usually highly appreciated because you tend to need them on a day to day basis. Forty three percent of adults are also planning to buy wireless speakers, which seems to indicate that quality audio listening is a priority as far as gift giving is concerned.

After earphones and speakers, smartphones seem to be a very common gift with forty one percent of US adults planning on buying one for someone. Smartphone prices vary quite wildly, but they might just be the most appreciated gifts of all which is why so many people are planning to buy them as gifts. TVs, although not quite the same as other kinds of tech, are also high up on the list. Digital streaming devices have also become quite popular which makes sense because we are really changing the way that we consume entertainment and are moving towards more internet based services in order to watch our favorite TV shows and movies.

Chart: Statista.

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