Is Facebook as dangerous as NSA? Yes, says Edward Snowden

In a previously posted podcast interview by Joe Rogan, Edward Snowden claimed how carrier networks and tech companies use smartphones to spy on the users.

However, this time he has changed the targets and is pointing fingers at Facebook.

In an upcoming interview on the Vox’s Recode Decode podcast, Edward Snowden said that tech companies are a threat to the user’s privacy. In fact, he claims that the surveillance of tech companies like Facebook and Google is as worrisome as is the protocols by the NSA (National Security Agency).

Edward Snowden is a former NSA employee who has now taken refuge in Russia for the past six years, after leaking a number of classified government documents to international media.

In his recent interview, Snowden disclosed that Facebook and Google collects a huge amount of data from their member base. However, he exclaims that there is no accountability by the tech giants on the information stored.

He did admit that government and intelligence agencies have become more stringent with the data collection practices of tech companies – especially after the infamous Cambridge Analytica Scandal. In fact, both – the users and government authorities, are still scrutinizing Mark Zuckerberg regarding his data collection process.

The state of California has also passed a Privacy bill that would empower users over the data collected by the tech giants. Other government officials are also doing something or the other to regulate the data collection practices of tech companies.

However, the question remains – is it enough? Is the user safe from the wrath of tech giants? Are the leading tech companies collecting each movement of the user?

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