Rejoice Writers: Google Docs Will Now Have Smart Compose Feature

Google Docs has become a pretty important part of how a lot of people write down the things they need to publish or disseminate, and Google has been adding new features every so often in order to make the tool even more efficient than it already is at getting your message across. However, for the most part Google Docs has been playing catch up with Microsoft Word, slowly adding features that Word has had for quite a long period of time, thereby making Word seem like a somewhat better option for a lot of reasons.

However, the latest feature that Google is adding to Google Docs may just be part of the changing tide because it is not a feature that Word has. Not too long ago, Gmail got a new autocomplete feature called smart compose. The main purpose of this feature was to try and make it easier for you to compose emails that you could send to people, and for the most part this feature was well received because it did usually get the job done.

This feature is now coming to Google Docs and it could very well end up being a real game changer for the word processing software. The way this feature would work is that it would suggest alternatives to wordy phrases, would help you come up with a more coherent flow in whatever it is that you are writing and could also potentially end up greatly reducing the number of spelling and grammar mistakes that you might end up making as well.

This is going to be particularly useful for college students that might be struggling to complete the essay that they have been working on, as well as people that might be trying to write some kind of a book or an article that they are hoping to publish.

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