Dynamic Email Coming to Gmail on Android, iOS

Gmail has been at the very forefront of helping users make the most of the kind of experience they would ideally want from the kind of emails they are sending and interacting with on a regular basis. The newest way in which users are going to be able to optimize their experience is through dynamic email which Google has been working on for a while and which is finally going to be rolled out to users on the Android and iOS apps for Gmail very soon.

What dynamic email does is that it allows you to do a lot more from within the app itself. For example, if you get a calendar invite, instead of clicking on a link and being taken to a whole new page you would be able to interact with the calendar within the Gmail app, something that would be highly useful when you are trying to respond to emails and at the same time would like to try your best to stay within the app so that you don’t get sidelined. Being taken to new pages can be highly distracting so it’s good that Gmail would not be redirecting you in the same way as before.

Another added benefit of dynamic or interactive email is that if you get a Google Docs invite you would be able to add comments from within the app itself, once again highly streamlining the user experience and making it a great deal easier for you to get work done.

All of Google’s recent updates have really improved the efficiency with which you can get your work done, and it’s quite exciting to try and imagine where each platform is going to go from here. With so much technology at our disposal, the sky really is the limit as far as making the most of our daily routines is concerned.

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Featured photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images
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