Soon you'll be able to mention other YouTube channels in video Titles and Descriptions

YouTube is one of the largest social media video streaming platforms with millions of users engaging on a daily basis. People nowadays prefer looking for recommendations on social media platforms more as compared to earlier days. Previously, people would go to the market to search for new products or look for friends who already bought it to ask for recommendations regarding the product but as this era is of social media platforms so everything can now be done with just a tap on the phone screen. YouTube is a platform where a majority of users interact on daily basis to search for recommendations related to their desired product while some users prefer YouTube to look for funny memes or some documentaries or some other category of video they desire.

New features launched by YouTube

YouTube is a platform that always tries to bring out new updates in an attempt to offer more ease in the life of its users. According to Creator Insider channel, YouTubers will soon be able tag and mention other YouTube channels for a shoutout or some collaboration by tagging the channel names in its video titles and descriptions. Currently, the names mentioned of other users on description or video titles were displayed as texts but soon it will be changed. This new experiment is currently rolled out for the YouTube beta version users only and will be available to the creators with more than 1000 subscribers starting from this week. As revealed by Tom Leung, this new feature will not be available in the YouTube Studio Classic and is never expected to launch in the legacy platform at all.

Whenever a creator uploads a video from the YouTube beta version, to mention other YouTube channels that need to just add ‘@’ sign and then mention the channel name in its video title and description and easily select the specified channel from the drop-down list.

New modified Notification Tab

To look for your channel name mentions across the YouTube community, the creators can easily see it through their notifications box. When user will select the Mention tab from the notification box, they’ll be able to see all the mentions of their YouTube channel names across various community discussions, Video titles, and descriptions on different YouTube videos from the past 30 days.

This new mention feature is only available to YouTube studio and can only be enabled from the desktop while editing a video with an already existing mention in video title from the YouTube mobile app. From the YouTube mobile app these mentions will be displayed just like ordinary texts as this feature is not yet available on the mobile devices but it is expected that if the feedback from the YouTube studio version regarding this new feature gains more attention and makes people get off from YouTube legacy which is consuming majority of the sources this new feature is expected to be launched in the YouTube mobile version too.

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