Facebook has Finally made a Much-Needed Change to the Shortcuts Bar inside the App!

Rejoice! If you have ever felt that the Facebook app has too many tabs and that the shortcuts bar at the top should be less populated, this news is for you. Currently, the bar in question in the main Facebook app has several tabs including Notifications, Friends, Home, Groups etc. and quite frankly, all of them aren’t needed at once.

Recently, social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about Facebook finally making a much-needed change in its app. He said that users can now find a “Shortcuts bar” option in the settings menu. This option will then allow them to either add or remove tabs in the app.

Navarra also attached some screenshots that explain the tweet better. Upon finding the “Shortcuts bar” option, tap on it. The option will let you set preferences for which shortcuts Facebook can add to the shortcuts bar.

Inside the option, you will be asked to manage your shortcuts bar. A list of all the shortcuts will be presented along with a toggle. Then, you can simply disable the shortcuts that you do not want to see in the app’s concerned bar. The options which are left enabled will continue to appear. The last two screenshots show how the shortcuts bar can be modified according to a user’s choice.

Although it is being said that the “Friends” tab can’t be removed (at least for now), it is not confirmed.

As for the rollout, it looks like the new option has already started popping up across the globe. It is fair to assume that the rollout process is slow since many users still don’t have access to the above-mentioned option. However, a number of users have stated that they have had the option for a while now.

Therefore, it is an assurance of some sort that “Shortcuts bar” is ready and about to make its way to Facebook app settings worldwide.

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