Now you can manage your public profile easily from the Google Maps App

A new update now lets you enjoy editing and managing your profile on Google Maps by simply clicking on the My Profile option. Before this option was launched, you could only check the Local Guides points on your profile; however, you did not have the ability to edit or manage your profile. Now, you can easily manage your contributions and the way people see it on your profile.

You can check for the “my profile” option in the side menu where you can check your past contributions and information. You can easily edit your name, your profile picture, your bio, and other profile settings as well. You can even have the liberty to hide all your contributions from your profile or show them, all up to you!

You can even make your profile visible to the businesses around you, which is a good opportunity for a lot of people. With this new update, a lot of people will take advantage to improve their public profile and show off their contributions publicly.

The new profile option will be available on the Maps along with the server side. We are also expecting some changes in the contribution section that has completely removed the old interface over the new one. These new changes will prove to be extremely beneficial for regular users of Maps.

Users can read more official resources on the topic here and here.

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