Facebook is Using AI and Machine Learning to Protect Women Online

Facebook has been trying to make itself a safer place for a lot of people, and while some have criticized its hate speech policy for equating harmless jokes with more serious subject matter one aspect of Facebook’s push for a safer online space has involved working with a wide variety of organizations that specialize in the area of the protection of women and the process of giving them more rights as well as an equal place on the internet as well as the real world.

Facebook is using a wide variety of techniques to try and prevent domestic abuse. While it has always given users control over the kind of content that is shared, such as allowing people to delete comments and report images that has someone in them without the permission of the party that is featured within the image or video, the social media platform claims that it wants to try and take things further.

This is going to be done by using artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. These technologies are going to be used to try and detect when an image or video has an unwilling participant in it. The main focus is going to be on images and videos of a sexual nature since sexual abuse is commonly posted on social media and Facebook would want to try and prevent this from happening in order to make itself a safer space for women that use it on a daily basis.

These are some heartening developments that are coming from Facebook, and it indicates that the social media platform is starting to take the impact it has on the world around it a lot more seriously than it has before. However, some are saying that this might just be a publicity move for Facebook, although we will have to wait and see if this is truly the case.

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