Facebook creeps into the digital healthcare industry

Facebook, the leading social media giant is slowly trying to enter the healthcare market. The company is soon launching a tool called ‘Preventive Health’ that will prompt users to go for regular health checkups and even connect them to relevant providers.

Dr. Freddy Abnousi is leading the new service, who is also serving as the head of the company’s healthcare research.

Facebook is also collaborating with the American Cancer Society, the American College of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the new tool. According to a newsroom post by Facebook, the social media giant is working on several digital prompts that will encourage users to get standard tests that are essential for their specific age.

The company focuses primarily on the top two leading causes of death in the USA – cancer and heart diseases.

Health experts’ claim that both the conditions are fatal – however, they are preventable in many circumstances as well. With the tools provided by Facebook, users can remain proactive regarding their health and be able to identify any potential health hazards in advance.

Those who are interested in the program can simply search in the company’s mobile app to find out which checkups are recommended for their specific age and gender. Facebook users can also mark the tests that are completed, set reminders for future tests, and even recommend the same to their friends and family present on the Facebook community.

The new health tool can also be used to find locations that administer flu shots.

What about user’s privacy?

With so much going on regarding user’s privacy and tech giants collecting data without consent, we wonder if Facebook will collect health results of their users as well.

However, Facebook assures the potential users of ‘Preventive Health’ that it will not collect or save the results of any test. Any activity conducted on the platform will also not be shared with third parties such as health organizations and insurance companies – says Facebook.

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