Facebook is Working on Creating Gaming Group Chats

One aspect of Facebook’s game plan over the course of the past few years is that it has been trying to expand the types of users that might be looking into what the platform has to offer. A big part of the reason why Facebook would want to do this is so that they keep providing their users with new and improved features that they can use to communicate with one another. The big goal is to try and entice users into staying on the site for as long as possible, something that is definitely easier said than done.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, it seems like Facebook is moving into the world of gaming group chats, similar to what services like Discord currently offer. These gaming group chats are basically going to facilitate communication among people playing video games, providing them with a centralized location in which they can have all of their conversations. Chances are that this is going to be coupled with a gaming streaming service as well since Facebook would definitely want to compete with the likes of Amazon who owns Twitch, as well as Microsoft Mixer and Google's YouTube Gaming.

The gaming groups might be taking Facebook a step closer to achieving that end, and it makes sense that the platform would want to try to maximize the number of gamers that are using it for this purpose. The chat rooms look like they are going to have audio and video capability as well, and it’s going to be interesting to see how these features are used.

Access to the groups you create can be granted through giving people links that would expire after a certain period of time. This certainly seems in line with the kind of services gamers are used to on other platforms, and it makes sense that Facebook would be adding them into the mix as well.

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