iOS 13 encourages Apple users to take data privacy seriously

Is iOS 13 becoming a nightmare for tech companies?

Recently, Apple announced it’s updated operating system with the launch of its new model phones and yes we all are loving it right? But along with the new iOS, we think Apple just highlighted some major issues of social media apps that we always thought existed but failed to detect. With the changes in the privacy and security, Apple also highlighted the data collection practices of tech giants including Facebook and Google with its new iOS 13.

If you already installed the new iOS 13 then the first thing you’ll notice in it will be the notification of Bluetooth permission when opening an app like Facebook. Well, some of you might think that apps need Bluetooth access to work properly but no you’re wrong instead apps use Bluetooth access to track the location of people by using beacons dotted in the cities and shopping areas and this is something you need to be worried about.

Recently, an article by Chris Welch was published stating that some iPhone users might think of Bluetooth permission as access for music apps to work with Bluetooth devices but instead the Bluetooth audio is something that has separate settings in your system separate from the apps.

Another update with the iOS 13 will be the change in its location settings that can affect the behind the screen workings of Google and Facebook. With its new software, Apple updates its operating system and now it will also display Apple users which apps record user location often. This new update in the operating system will display a pop up to users that will display a map of the location where the user has been tracked and will also include the option for a user to either allow or limit it.

Previously, many apps used to track users in the background without their consent and would use the data collected to target them for advertising but not anymore.

Facebook and Google might need to change their data collection practices for iPhone users

After the incidents like Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are becoming more aware of the usage of their data by social media apps and in this manner, the new changes made by Apple might be a direct hit for its rivals Google and Facebook. The new iOS 13 gives iPhone users the information of data collection practices by app developers and also gives them the ability to stop it as well.

Yes, majority of the apps track your location to collection more user information and iOS 13 might affect all these data-collecting practices of these apps and the kind of reputation Apple holds in the market it is very unlikely for people to ignore when Apple speaks.

People usually ignore these data violations and their ignorance is what helps apps and their creators to easily invade their privacy so with these new features in iOS 13, Apple might also be notifying people about their personal information and how they should care more for their privacy. Despite the scandal of Apples’ Siri requests being recorded, we think that this attempt by Apple is something that will earn respect in the society and also gain back the trust of its users. So we are really looking forward to detecting more new feature of this new iOS 13 and if you are still confused to download then you should better stop thinking and download it as soon as possible.

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