Instagram Tests New Features: Will they be Handy or Not?

We all have posted Instagram and Facebook stories at least once in our life so maybe we might not be much aware of the hassle that frequent stories users face in their life.

Some time ago, Facebook and Instagram launched their Snapchat version of apps that included story features for users. From that time to today, Instagram and Facebook have tried to improve their story features to appear more unique than that of Snapchat.

We often see Instagram launching new story feature updates; however, never have they tried to come up with something handy. At least not anymore!

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong posted about two new features on Instagram. From the posts, it is evident that Instagram will add a “See All” option that will list down all the available Story Templates on Instagram. Those people, who like to add at least 5 stories on their account in a day can just click on the template and post their stories just like that!

The second feature is related to deleting your stories across platforms. Yes, you heard it right. The option is finally in the testing phase, which is definitely good news for many.

Posting stories across platforms is pretty simple, just one click and boom, they are posted. However, what about deleting them at once? Well, that was not possible until now. Instagram is testing a feature to delete stories from all the platforms at once.

For instance, you shared your story to Facebook from Instagram but now you want to delete it. You can do that pretty easily by just clicking on the “Delete Everywhere” option.

Even though this option is still in its testing face but we are hoping that the results are worthy enough for this option to become reality. It is yet to see how the test results will come out!

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