Facebook, Instagram Crack Down on Sexual Emojis and NSFW Links

One of Facebook’s focuses over the past year or two has involved a more community centered approach to their platform. They have been pushing the community angle for a fair amount of time and in a lot of different ways, and for the most part this has gone over reasonably well for the people that are using the platform as well as the various subsidiaries that it offers to consumers and a wide variety of other users.

However, the latest attempt at Facebook to make their site more community oriented might not down as well as the other updates. This is because of the fact that Facebook as well as Instagram are going to be cracking down on emojis that according to them are related to sex, i.e. according to an updated Facebook Community Standards page. While there are no emojis that directly invoke sexual imagery, certain emoji such as the eggplant or the peach are often used to imply things of a sexual nature, and this is what the social media giant and its subsidiary will be cracking down on.

Facebook and Instagram Cracking Down on Sexual Emojis and Porn Sites

This might not go so well with a lot of the users of the site because of the fact that it might end up being perceived as an overly politically correct approach by the platform, and it might just alienate its userbase. However, only time will tell whether or not people would be annoyed enough by this update to the community standards to reduce their Facebook usage altogether or reduce it by a certain amount or if perhaps their dependence on Facebook would trump this new development.

Here's how users reacted to the development :

Another development is that Facebook and Instagram will be cracking down on websites and links of any pornographic nature, although most people would admit that this is more or less in line with the kind of thing that people use Facebook for and so this is unlikely to be as controversial.

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