Facebook, AliExpress, and We Chat on Android equipped with outdated bugs

According to Checkpoint's findings, apps from the Android database are being shipped with outdated security flaws. Surprisingly, this includes some very popular apps such as Facebook, AliExpress, and WeChat.

Vulnerabilities are often seen in mobile apps. However, it is important that software vendors and device makers issue patch in a timely manner to minimize the risk of them affecting a person or device.

But to our astonishment, these apps contain components with vulnerabilities that could have been fixed long ago. In fact, researching team at Check Point analyzed the database of Google Play Store and saw that dozens of apps, including Yahoo Browser, Facebook, Messenger, SHARE it, WeChat, and AliExpress contain out-of-date vulnerable libraries.

Researchers also said that the flaws affect audio and video playback libraries that can allow the attacker to execute arbitrary code – that should have been fixed 2 years ago.

When contacted, a Facebook spokesperson explained people using their service are not affected by this vulnerability – due to the design of their system. Instagram users are also safe from the vulnerability, as the company has put a patch in place since the issue was discovered initially.

Here, it should be noted the negligence of developers who failed to provide the apps with updated software. Their lack of vigilant actions can affect numerous devices and their owners.

Unfortunately, as a user, we can’t do much to keep our devices safe from these vulnerabilities, except hope that the patches are issued soon for these apps.

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