Facebook has Rolled Out a New Page to Keep you Updated about your Account Status!

It has become very important for everyone to present themselves carefully on social media. Any offending or misleading post/comment done unintentionally by someone can come back in the future to haunt them. To help people become more careful about this, Facebook has rolled out a new page.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra and Twitter user @BraGSom should be credited for spotting the page. It should be noted that details about the concerned page’s existence are still not fully revealed. Whether the page was rolled out recently or has been around for quite some time now, whether it is publicly available or not… we will have to wait to find these details out.

Speaking about the page, it is an Account Status page and its purpose is to keep the users informed if their account has run into any problems i.e. suspended, restricted or disabled.

According to the screenshot attached to Navarra’s tweet, a warning will be issued initially to the user if they have violated any community standards. If they refuse to correct their actions, their account will be restricted temporarily. If the violations keep on happening, Facebook will have the authority to permanently disable the account in question.

Additionally, the page will display the number of times a user has violated the set guidelines as well as the restriction count faced by them. Status of an ongoing restriction i.e. Expiration time can also be viewed. If that wasn’t enough, the current status of the account can also be viewed.

The Facebook Account Status Page can undoubtedly play a major role in encouraging users to think carefully before sharing their thoughts on the social media platform. This will in turn help them in the long run as well as keep the platform healthy for other users.

We hope Instagram will soon learn from Facebook and add a similar, particularly for users who are facing showdown issues, so that they can better understand what's actually wrong with their accounts and what polices they are violating to avoid such experiences again.

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  1. I have no violations but yet my account is restricted and I don’t know why, can someone help?

  2. I have been put on a 90 day restriction but I have no idea what they have found so offensive. How can I see what posts were bad?

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