Google Photos Gets New Sorting Options in Latest Android Update

Google has been making a lot of changes to Google Photos, ostensibly to try and make up for the fact that they have lagged behind quite a bit in the world of social media and photography. They have been bringing a lot of features that are reminiscent of traditionally social media based features with their new updates, including the Memories format which looks a lot like Stories on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and of course Snapchat which was the actual creator of this feature which has become so popular on so many other apps.

A new feature is also coming to Google Photos, and while it might seem like a minor change it could potentially end up altering the way you look at photos on this platform permanently. This change basically gives you a new way to group photos, allowing you to group them as albums instead of randomly sorting them. You can group these albums according to their names as well, giving a more personalized touch to them instead of the rather impersonal sorting styles that have more to do with dates and the like rather than something that is truly reminiscent of what the album represents to you all in all.

It is quite surprising when you think about how long Google has gone without giving Google Photos a feature of this nature, but the fact of the matter is that the sorting option is available for you to use now which is something that many if not most would consider to be a step in the right direction, one that would make Google Photos a lot easier for people to use along with making it possible for you to look through your pictures a lot faster than what would have been the case before this update came along.

Hat Tip: 9to5Google.

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