Twitter’s New Auto-Fresh Bug is nothing but annoying for its Users [Update: Fix is out for iOS users]

Twitter keeps on updating its app by introducing new and amazing features, but that’s not the case all the time. Recently, the new update brought in the auto-refresh bug that is nothing but a nightmare for Twitter users.

With this bug, you never know when your app will take you back to the top again while you are reading a tweet. Trying to catch up with older posts has become a difficult task for users, which is why many of them let their frustration out on the platform on the weekend.

Updating the Twitter timeline is fine but refreshing at inconvenient times is pretty annoying. The reading experience of the users on Twitter is becoming more terrible by this buggy auto-refresh.

Not just auto-refresh, many people have also reported major instability issues that include crashes while composing a tweet, slow performance, and whatnot.

It was expected that the auto-refresh will keep adding the tweets seamlessly without causing any trouble, but it seems like this whole update got bugged. Here's what users are tweeting about their experiences:

Twitter commented on this in a tweet that "We know your timeline auto-scrolling on iOS is frustrating and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on fixing this now. Thanks for sticking with us."

However, several Android users are complaining that they are also affected by this auto-scrolling bug.

Update: Sorry Android users, Twitter still has no clue you are too facing this issue. However, good news for iOS users as Twitter's engineers has finally fixed the problem. Here's what Twitter tweeted: "A fix for the auto-scrolling bug is rolling out now! Thanks for your patience while we worked on this. Please update your iOS app to version 8.1.5 when it becomes available for you."

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