Google Earth Can Now Make Personalized Maps

Google Earth is one of many technological innovations that has quickly made the world a much more convenient place to live in, and the fact of the matter is that the updates that are coming to this Google property are making it even better. The latest update that is coming to Google Earth involves something called “creation tools”, and it is an offshoot of Voyager which is a project that Google launched a couple of years ago in order to incorporate more storytelling elements into their various properties.

The creation tools that are now being launched will allow you to make personalized maps on Google Earth. It’s important to realize that the function of Google Earth is a little different from that of Google Maps. Rather than being something that you would use to get around town, Google Earth is something that you can use to explore certain parts of the world.

This new tool is basically going to allow you to create maps that would take you on some kind of a journey. For example, if you know that a certain part of the world has some amazing sights that you can look into but most people don’t know about them and thus end up not going there, you can make a map that would take people there.

There are two things that you can do with the personalized maps that you have created. You can either keep them to yourself for personal reference or you could potentially share them with others, people that would be looking into all kinds of ways to make their trips abroad a lot more enjoyable.
"Creation tools are now available in Google Earth on web. You can view your projects on mobile and tablet devices using the latest version of our iOS or Android app. Thanks to an integration with Google Drive, you can share your stories with your audience and they can view it anywhere—their phone, tablet or laptop. Best of all, you can invite others to collaborate and co-author projects with you. ". explained, Gopal Shah Product Manager, Google Earth, in a blog post.
This new tool that Google Earth is getting will expose many people to some of the more exciting parts of the world all in all.

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