Google Maps is rolling out new 3D layer control and local recommendations in its ‘For you’ tab

We are living in a generation where technology is bringing comfort in our lives in all the way possible. Whether it is a new product we want or to look for some new hotels or restaurants nearby everything is now just a tap away. Google Maps is a revolutionary product that is making every person depend on it far more than any other product.

Earlier days it was pretty difficult for visitors to look for new restaurants and places around with paper maps and the majority of them would eventually end up getting lost somewhere but not anymore. Google Maps not just helps people find their destinations but is also very easy to use for any age group and that’s what makes it so much special.

New features released by Google Maps

We all are seeing a huge increase in the Restaurant and place Discover of Google Maps and to take this opportunity to next level, the Google Maps service will soon be launching new local Guide recommendations in the ‘For You’ tab specifically to bring more ease for the users of Google Maps. Along with this new launch, there’s a new 3D layer control released on the navigation front for Android users of Google maps.

What exactly would this new local Guide tab do in ‘For you’ Tab?

According to Google, the users who contribute to Google maps in terms of reviews, photos of some locations and also by mentioning business hours and closures of some places are considered as Local Guides. There are so many leveling categories for users who contribute to Google Maps and as stated by Google now it has more than 120 million active users today. The Google Maps for Android and iOS already have some mixed features of editorial and algorithm in its ‘For you’ tab and soon a new feature of recommendations for top Local Guides is expected to be launched for the users of Google Maps and this new feature is aimed as a new way to help people discover places form the nearby locals. This feature is expected to be launched in Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo as well where the users will be able to see top Local Guides feature in the For you tab of Google Maps app. In these cities, users will be able to see recommendations for local Guides and also follow Local Guides to see various location recommendations they provide.

Although the local recommendation feature is still in the development phase but recently the Android app of Google maps rolled out its new way to control 3D building effects. Under the search field in the Google Maps Android app, there’s a new 3D icon under the ‘Map details’ Even when a user will look at a flat surface, this new feature will provide a 3D view with a sense of depth and shadow. This new 3D control feature is currently rolled out for only Android users of Google Maps and not yet available on iOS.

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