Chrome on Android Gets New Update

After the last update for Chrome went over relatively quietly, the latest update is quite different in that it is making quite a splash with regards to the kind of changes that it is bringing to the mix. This new update which is focusing on usability within the context of Android users has a lot to do with the new long press menu that Android users are going to get.

While Chrome has had a long press menu for quite some time now, it’s fair to say that it was not very impressive, and the main part of the reason why this is the case has to do with the straightforward and simple nature of the long press menu that we have seen previously. Most users found this long press menu to be serviceable but certainly nothing special. It seems that the new long press menu is going to be changing all of that.

So, what exactly are we getting in this new long press menu? Well, according to AndroidPolice if you long press on an image then you are going to get a preview of the image at the top of the menu, followed by two sections of commands that you can tap on. This is compared to the previous long press menu that did not have a preview of the image that you were looking at and also only had one set of commands.

There are some new commands that you can take advantage of as well, with one of the most prominent being a command that allows you to search Google for an image that you have seen. This is going to be quite useful for people that want to do reverse image searches but have been unable to do so with any significant amount of ease up until this point in time all in all.

Google Chrome 78 has a redesigned long-press context menu on Android

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