US Android Users can now Earn Rewards by Making Purchases in the Play Store!

Google is finally rolling out its Play Store rewards program in the United States after introducing it in Japan and South Korea last year. From this week and on, US based users will be able to earn rewards through Play Store once they enroll in Google Play Points.

To become a part of the program, they will have to open the Play Store app on their Android phone and locate the icon with three lines within the search bar at the top. Once located, they will have to tap it to view “Play Points” amid the menu. The program is free for all to join. In order to start earning points, users will have to buy stuff from Play Store such as subscriptions, in-app purchases etc. To win even more points, they can keep an eye on the weekly promotions as well as download the featured apps that update every week.

After earning a considerable amount of points, users can exchange them for Play Store credit as well as in-app purchases. Moreover, the points can also be donated to various non-profit organizations.

If that wasn’t enough, users can also increase their chances of reaching a higher rewards tier with every dollar they spend. A total of four tiers exist with each one having its own set of perks. With each successive tier, more points are earned per dollar spent. For example, number of points per dollar in the platinum tier is 1.4, as compared to just one point in the bronze tier. However, users have to spend accordingly to attain these rewards and retain their spot in a particular tier.

Play Store credits can also be earned by downloading Google’s Opinion Rewards app. By using this app, users can win credits by giving their opinions on different topics.

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