Good News for Google Chrome Users: The “Close Other Tab” is back!

Previous release of Chrome 78 came with a shock for many users. Google Chrome accidentally removed the “close other tabs” option in their update that annoyed people for a long time until the release of Google Chrome 78.0.3904.108.

Google Chrome, along with “close other tabs” removed “new tab”, “reopen closed tab”, and “bookmark all tabs” options from the content-menu. Google suggested that these actions can be done by the help of other means, which is why they removed it.

Many people, who extensively works on Google Chrome found it extremely difficult to close all the tabs by dragging the tabs here and there. Google actually made it annoying for the people!

However, the re-addition of "close other tabs" feature has really brought good news for Chrome users. Google Chrome always brings in new updates for its users that aims to provide them ease and make their work easier. This new update is believed to bring back the easy times for the people!

Let’s hope that Google keeps updating Chrome with updates that help people to do their work in an easy manner and without any hassle. The best is yet to come!

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