DoH Trial, Tab Hover Cards, Native File System API & much more: All in Google Chrome 78 release

With the new Chrome 78 release, the users will enjoy a lot of new updates and security fixes making their life easier. To install the new update, the users need to go to the settings then help and then about Google Chrome to check for any new updates and its download. Here are some of the new improvements that you will see in Chrome 78 stable version:

DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH) Trial: As reported earlier, Google has allowed a DoH trial that could be conducted on all the supported DNS providers except for Linux and iOS. The supported DNS providers include: Cleanbrowsing, Cloudflare, Google, DNS.SB, Quad9, and OpenDNS.

Tab Hover Cards: Now, you can see the page title and URL on the Tab Hover Cards, set by default by Google in the new update. However, this improvement does not seem to do a great job. If you wish to see a little more about the page including the thumbnail image then you need to enable the “Tab Hover Card Images” option.

Integrated Password Checkup Experiment: Following the footsteps of Mozilla, Google also has a new experimental feature in it known as “Password Leak Detection”. This feature allows in-browser notifications whenever a data breach is detected in your saved logins. Once you have enabled this feature, a new option will appear under the name of “Check password safety” to help your data in a safe manner.

Less Right-Click Tab Context-Menu Options: To reduce the clutter, Google Chrome has reduced the options when you right-click on the tab. Now, the options on the right click are “new tab to the right”, “reload”, “duplicate”, “pin”, “mute site”, “close”, and “close tabs to the right”. For those who miss the “close other tabs” option, Google has recommended those users to use Shift+Click, Ctrl+Click, and alt+W.

Native File System API: Now web developers can take advantage of the Native File System API through which web applications can gain direct access to files on your site.

Forced Dark Mode Experiment: With Chrome 78 Canary build, you will get a dark mode option as well. Users can force a dark mode even if the website does not support it.

Get many advantages from the new improvements by Google Chrome. Hopefully, these new updates will help users resolve their concerns.

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