The Dates for Facebook’s 2020 F8 Conference Have Been Revealed

Last year Facebook announced an event that confirmed its place at the center of technology all around the world. Facebook has been expanded rapidly over the past few years, and the event it launched last year, dubbed F8, is in many ways an answer to several other conferences that occur for big name tech companies, with Google I/O in particular being something that Facebook may be trying to compete with in order to stay on par with some of its biggest competitors around the world.

The social media platform has now announced the dates for the conference next year, and these dates are the 5th and 6th of May 2020. The tech giant has not announced what it will be showing off at the event, but based on the previous iterations of the event we can probably use some educated guesswork to figure out what kinds of exhibitions would be put on display.

For starters, Facebook’s first F8 event last year was used to show a huge redesign to the platform, one that paved the way for the social media platform’s unique new approach to its user interface as well as its overall design. The event was also used to showcase changes being made to various Facebook properties such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Over the years Facebook has made a lot of big acquisitions such as the VR technology of the Oculus Rift, and while the company didn’t make any announcements about it for a long time it used the F8 event to make some displays that helped people understand the direction the company was headed in. Chances are that we will see more examples of how Facebook plans to develop virtual reality technology as they are moving forward in the 2020 iteration of the F8 event.

Photo: Facebook

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