Facebook Users Will No Longer Be Able To Add Friends In Live Stream

The live streaming gained much popular right after the introduction of Meerkat. Following this, Twitter launched Periscope, and then shortly Facebook came up with Facebook Live Feature. YouTube also worked on its live-streaming broadcast.

With time, the live-stream feature started to fade away. According to YouTube, over 100,000 of its channels are using Super Chat live-stream tipping feature.

Facebook launched live-stream with friends feature in 2017 and according to social media expert, Matt Navarra, Facebook is closing this feature.

Facebook stated that in the next few weeks, the social media giant will stop supporting the ‘live with’ on Facebook iOS and Android. The company said it keep evaluating its features and focuses on what brings more value to the community.

Facebook Live never paid much attention toward the Live with friends feature and with time Facebook Live itself lost popularity. Users seemed to be more interested in Stories and messaging.

Creating quality content on regular basis has been an actual issue. Not everyone can broadcast himself continuously with worthy content. When live streaming videos were fused in group chats, initially Blab, a platform that allowed four people to live-stream, became popular and then dies because of high cost.

Houseparty, another group streaming service gained popularity among youngsters and was then sold in June to Epic Games, company that created Fortnite.

Facebook too tried its hand after seeing the rising interest of users in live stream. It developed its own app, Bonfire that allowed to add friends in live streams. But it failed to do much for community and was shut down in March.

Facebook might also be not interested in spending on something that might not be in demand. Even if it is not about the high cost, the company will not continue that is not used by majority. After the obvious decreasing hype, Facebook is taking a step back with Facebook Live.

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