Facebook Officially Launches New 'Work Groups' Feature

Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with friends but it is also increasingly becoming a place where you communicate with your colleagues at work as well, something that will definitely make it difficult for you to separate your personal life from your professional life all in all. When it comes to using Facebook from work, it can be difficult to prevent people that you work with from seeing your personal posts, but a new update that is coming to Facebook might just end up making it easier for you to work with people and prevent them from gaining access to posts that you don’t want to see.

This update is bringing a new feature into the mix, namely “work groups”. These are going to be groups that you can use for the sole purpose of communicating with the people that you work with, thereby making it easier for you to avoid looking into adding them as friends. Companies, teams and other groups of people that need to work in tandem with one another can create groups according to their specifications, thereby making it easier for them to figure out a way to make the most of the group that they might be looking into at this point in time.

This feature was first spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra.

The people that you are in a work group with are not going to be able to see your personal posts or information, something that would allow you to get a lot more privacy while you are collaborating with people on a wide variety of projects. This is going to help make Facebook seem like a more legitimate setup for people that are trying to get the job done, something that the social media platform would really want considering how quickly its competitor LinkedIn is rising and becoming a force for them to reckon with.

Communicate And Collaborate With Coworkers in Facebook Groups

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