New iOS Update Fixes Background App Issues

The general consensus among iPhone users tends to be that Apple products are rather glitch free which is the least that you can expect from technology that costs such an insane amount of money. That being said, it’s important to note that a pretty annoying issue has been plaguing a lot of iPhone users for quite some time now. This issue has to do with the fact that when you are using an app and subsequently start to use a different app, the app that you were using previously goes into the background.

You should ideally be able to access this app as well as all of the other apps that are running in the background and you might want to shut the background apps down as well if they are using up too much battery or were slowing down your phone’s functionality. You wouldn’t want the apps to close automatically though, and this is exactly the kind of problem that iPhone users have been facing as of late.

All of these iPhone users will be pleased to know that the new update (i.e iOS 13.2.2) is going to be fixing this issue, something that is going to help make the iPhone experience a lot better for anyone that would be thinking of using it.

The new update is going to be fixing a variety of other bugs as well. One bug that is going to be fixed has to do with the signals you get on your phone. Some iPhone users have complained about the fact that after they disconnect a call, their phone suddenly loses signals. This problem is also going to be rectified in the new update along with several other issues thereby making this an important path for issues that were really getting in the way of iPhone users making the most of the product that they own.

Apple Released New iOS Update for iPhone users that Fixes Background App Killing Issue

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