Android Phones Have Nearly 150 Vulnerabilities

In this modern day and age users are starting to become increasingly wary of the various threats that they have to deal with on a regular basis, threats that often undermine your security and make it impossible for you to have any real sense of privacy while you are using the internet as well as any major piece of technology out there. It turns out that a lot of the threats that you are fearing may very well exist in your favorite Android phone according to Kryptowire.

Kryptowire is a security company that has been working with several US government agencies to try and protect the rights of the consumer, and according to research that they recently conducted it turns out that Android phones have about 146 different vulnerabilities that you would have to contend with, with each vulnerability posing some kind of a threat that would potentially put your data and privacy at risk while you are surfing the internet or using your phone for pretty much any purpose whatsoever.

However, what is truly concerning about this revelation is that the 146 vulnerabilities being discussed here don’t come from apps that you would download or any malicious activity on the part of a hacker or some such. Much on the contrary, these vulnerabilities come within the Android device that you have purchase. Nearly thirty different vendors and distributors of Android phones were researched in order to find this out, which means that most major Android phone manufacturers will be selling phones that have these vulnerabilities contained within them.

What this means is that there are 146 potential points of entry that a hacker can exploit. As a result of this fact, your phone has left you vulnerable to hacks from malicious actors, and this is something that is going to make a lot of people that swear by Android phones think twice before using their favorite operating system on a regular basis all in all.

Another important thing to note is that these vulnerabilities mostly exist on the lower end phones that these vendors are offering. Hence, if you buy the latest Samsung phone you probably won’t have anything to worry about, but this doesn’t really exonerate these companies from the fact that they have allowed these vulnerabilities to exist on their devices.

The fact of the matter is that just because someone has bought a cheaper phone doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the same security. These are basic security protocols that every company should be following, and the fact that such big name companies have not taken this sort of thing seriously is rather shocking.

Photo: REUTERS/Marko Djurica

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