Google is planning to add Autoplay Settings for Play Store Videos

Steaming online videos just for entertainment has become quite popular nowadays everyone likes to play music on YouTube while they do their house chores or sometimes they stream through Facebook or other video streaming websites where they can see a video that they find interesting. However, not everyone enjoys streaming online videos instead they find this feature quite annoying. Google play store is experimenting with autoplay option for Play store videos and some users are a bit worried about this addition.

To make this feature easier for use, Google has provided additional control options to help the users select if they want to play videos on auto-play or they want to play it one by one according to their personal preferences. According to AndroidPolice, there is a setting in Play Store app where users can select if they want to play video via autoplay option at any time, auto play through wifi only or just turn the auto-play option off. To access this option, users can tap on the Play store setting that will open a small pop up where there will be auto-play videos option. By tapping on the pop-up option the user will be able to choose from these three options. However, this option is not yet available but it is expected to be soon available for all.

These steps are especially taken to ensure that the users' experience can be made better and the Android users have better control over the settings. Moreover, this will also ensure that a user doesn’t get frustrated while streaming videos in Google play store. Experts are hopeful that Google is becoming better with every passing day because they are taking their options seriously and they are trying their best to make everything user-friendly. For most of the users’ online videos streaming through auto-play might be quite entertaining but for others, this option is quite annoying considering this option is available on several other platforms. So, to make sure that they cater to all kinds of the audience, Google has made the customization easier for all by adding three different options to help the user save data and time.

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