WhatsApp is Finally Making Group Privacy Settings Live, Globally!

We can all agree that despite of being helpful in multiple ways, WhatsApp’s lack of privacy when it comes to groups is highly inconvenient. Almost all of the users would prefer if they could avoid being added to random groups without their approval.

Well, it looks like times are finally changing for the better. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is finally making its Group Privacy feature live worldwide. This would provide users with control over who can add them to group conversations.

There will be 3 options for users to select from regarding who can add them to a group chat i.e. “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “My contacts except...”. The first option indicates that any user who has your mobile number can sent you a request for joining a group and you will have to approve it first before you could become a part of that group.

My Contacts will enable the user’s contacts to add them directly to a group chat. In this cases, a private invite will be sent to the user by the person who is trying to add them. This will give them an opportunity to choose whether they would like to join the group or not. A maximum of three days will be given to the user to finalize their decision as the invite would expire after that duration.

The last option "My contacts except..." will allow you to prevent a specific (probably an annoyed) user in your contact list to send you group invitations.

The feature has been in development since April. Now, it is going live across the globe. In order to access it, make sure that you have WhatsApp beta version on iOS or Android devices. In order to activate it, head over to Settings, select Account, choose Privacy and tap Groups. This list of Group Privacy options shall then be displayed on the screen.

Screenshot: Digitalinformationworld.com

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