How to enable Cloudflare’s free VPN service, Warp?

Cloudflare, a known content delivery network (CDN), introduced its free VPN service called Warp. It will be available on Android and iOS devices through Cloudflare app update

Cloudflare app was launched in 2018 that gives access to its DNS resolver service through one-tap only. The Warp VPN service was initially announced on April 1, 2019.

The free VPN tier (Warp) allows the bandwidth use; however, users can also subscribe to the premium tier, Wrap+.

Wrap+ is efficient, with better speed performance as the traffic is routed through its virtual private backbone, Argo.

The premium service costs almost $4.99 per month, and if a user refers the service to a friend, they can get 1 GB data for Wrap+.

There are a few simple steps to be followed to enable the free VPN service of Cloudflare:
  1. Download the Wrap app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Set up the app by tapping ‘Get Started’ and follow the steps.
  3. After the app starts, at the bottom of the app tap the ‘Enable’ button.
  4. A toggle button will appear on the next screen, press it, then tap ‘Install VPN Profile’ button and finally press ‘OK.’
Now, users can use the free VPN service and to turn it off, again tap the toggle button.

WARP is a mobile app designed for users to secure their phone’s Internet traffic.

Notification shades will appear, indicating that the Wrap VPN service is currently active.

According to Cloudflare, their VPN is not like other services instead, its primary purpose is to secure data while it is transiting. It will save the data from any middle man trying to spy or steal the data.

It will not hide IP addresses or allow access to sites that are geo-restricted. For more security, the company suggests users opt for traditional VPN services or Tor.

It is not clear whether the Warp+ has the same policy or not, otherwise, it would be difficult to justify the charges for the premium version.

However, it is still better to use a VPN to make your mobile surfing more secure and efficient.

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