The Concerns Over the Data Protection Increase as the Awareness Becomes Better

Privacy and data breach are two of the most talked and searched subjects online. People can’t seem to digest the recent Facebook data-breach scandal and this has raised serious questions about what can be done in order to ensure the safety of the data. As the online data generated by the users is becoming massive, the risk of its misuse is also becoming a problem.

According to Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, 60% of the users have raised their voice against the data beach where the rest of them have looking for ways to protect their data in any possible way. In short, although not everyone is doing something to protect themselves most of the users are aware of the seriousness of the problem. Experts say that now users are taking actions individually and even authorities have become more concerned about the data protection problems.

Although there are precautionary measures and intersections that help the users in order to protect their data but some of the users are not taking any necessary action. This gap between the people who are taking solid action about the data misuse and the people who are although aware, but are not taking any preventive measures against this breach is quite evident in Asian countries especially South Korea and Japan.

According to the survey, around half of the South Korean the population has voiced their concerns about the data breach, privacy, and confidentiality issue and they have clearly stated that they are concerned about their data, however, only 22% of the population is using precautionary measures and steps that are necessary for data protection.

In Japan, around 35% of the surveyed population voiced their concern about the data misuse online and clearly stated that they feel paranoid about the way social networking companies and other tech-giants are using their data. However, when it comes to taking precautionary measures, only 12% of the users are following the instructions to protect their data. The situations are almost similar in other countries including the UK, US, and Germany when estimated the gap between the people who are aware of the situation and the people who were taking serious actions. This clearly explains the contradict behavior on part of the users when it comes to data protection.

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