Several Changes Are Coming to Twitter, including Improved 'Advanced Search' and Full-Size Image Viewer

Twitter makes quite a few updates in order to ensure that anyone that wants to give the platform a shot has something or the other that would make their experience worthwhile in every way possible. Some of these changes are designed to make the platform a little more accessible, whereas others are designed to entice more users into adopting the platform as their main source of social media consumption, both of which are goals that will help Twitter to remain relevant in the modern internet landscape all in all.

Some of the changes that are coming to Twitter based on beta testing that has been seen around the site by Jane Manchun Wong, are quite important to take note of. The first of these changes involves modifying the advanced search options to help you get a better grasp of the kind of engagement metrics you may be receiving for your tweets. The change in question that is coming involves you being offered more specific entries that you can use to narrow down the search results you get, thereby making it easier for you to get access to information that could potentially give you a better idea of the kind of impact your (or other users) tweets are making.

Twitter is testing Engagement section in Advanced search, providing a convenient way to filter for a minimum amount of metrics in search result

This is isn’t the only change that is about to come to Twitter. Another feature that is on its way is probably going to expand Twitter’s international reach by a pretty large margin all in all. While Twitter already does have an international userbase, the fact of the matter is that there is often a language barrier that needs to be addressed when people from one part of the world are communicating with those that are living in a different part of the world all in all.

The second change that is being discussed here is one that would allow you to translate Twitter bios with the push of a button. This is definitely going to help bridge a few cultural divides and inspire people to follow others from around the world.

The third and final change that has been detected by Wong to be coming soon to Twitter is going to make it easier for you to view images while using Twitter’s web version. Image viewing has long been a problem for Twitter when it comes to people that are using the Web App, but it looks like problems like these are going to become a thing of the past as users start to use the updated version of Twitter that would finally allow you to maximize images and see them in all their glory.

All of these changes are going to make major improvements to Twitter and might just entice a few more people into checking the social network out and perhaps enabling it to bridge the gap somewhat between itself and its superior competitors.

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