Twitter claims to identify abusive tweets before the users!

Twitter says that their automated moderation tools are removing more than 50 percent of abusive tweets before the user reports them. According to the micro-blogging network, continuous improvements in the system have enabled them to increase their scrutiny process, allowing faster moderation.

Abusive tweets have always been a problematic situation for Twitteratis. However, Twitter has always emphasized on its goals to crack down abusive content and made several modifications in the past to ensure the same.

According to Twitter, their automated process to flag down illicit content has increased from 43% last quarter and 38% from the quarter before that. Of course, this does not represent every single abusive tweet passed on the network – just the ones that Twitter has removed as abusive.

The company also stated that they have been sending more flagged tweets to human moderators for review and the process is now happening more swiftly than before.

Twitter continues to acknowledge that they have more work cut out for them, especially when it comes to the identification of abusive content. They aim to improve their process further and take action, even before the abuse is reported by the victims.

Twitter also released its latest earnings report, along with the moderation count. As per the report, the company has added 6 million new daily users in its third quarter of this year. This makes Twitter a community of 145 million daily users – up from 124 million in the third quarter of the previous year and 139 million from the Q2 of 2019.

Despite their efforts to provide users with a ‘healthy’ platform, user growth has always been a problem for Twitter. Fortunately, the latest numbers suggest a significant improvement in the company’s database and with continuous improvement in their functionalities – we can expect a good turnover by the end of this year.

On the financial front, Twitter’s stock is taking a serious hit in today’s earnings report. Their share prices are down almost 20 percent before the market opens and manages to reach around $44 million – a sharp decline from $92 million in the same quarter last year.

When contacted, Twitter said that a number of factors were responsible for the weak revenue. This includes recurrent bugs and their limited ability to target ads. In fact, a reporter from Bloomberg claims that the company’s revenue after it was disclosed in August that they were using data for advertising without the user’s consent.

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