If you’re planning to choose game development then this is the right time for you (infographic)

If you think that the generation of games is about to go extinct then you’re wrong on so many levels. We are the generation that grew old playing games and it’s never going to end anytime soon. A recent study reveals mobile games cover more than half of the gaming market.

If you are a game development lover and thinking about this field for consoles and PCs then you shouldn’t even think twice and just go for it. According to the trends, mobile gaming today accounts for more than 51 percent of the revenue in the gaming industry and in the following years, this percentage is expected to grow more than that.

Research by developer Dot Com Infoway

The gaming trend is never going to slow down; it is expected to grow more from 51% market share to 59 percent of the market by 2021.

The developer Dot Com Infoway (DCI) did research on the revenue in global mobile gaming. If you think that people are going to lose interest in the gaming space then this is the time to change your perspective because mobile gaming is just expected to grow more in the coming years. According to the research by DCI, the revenue generated by mobile gaming this year is $151.9 billion and it is expected to increase to $165.9 billion next year. In 2021, mobile gaming is expected to dominate the market with 59 percent gaming market shares.

The trend of gaming just changed a bit with the new technologies, from PCs to mobile games but it never ended. Generation by generation this trend of mobile gaming grew more and more. The US is the top country with the highest mobile gaming revenue and the second-largest country with the majority of mobile players. China consists of 3 times more players then the United States but it still takes the second place when it comes to revenue. The United States generates revenue of $36.869 billion from mobile games whereas China generates $36.540 billion in revenue from the mobile gaming market. In the competition of countries, Japan takes third place with 32.2 million users and revenue of $18.952 billion in the mobile gaming market.

Nowadays, the revenue generation depends more on in-app advertising and the primary strategy to generate money in the market of mobile gaming is by rewarded ads and videos and in-app purchases of additional gaming features.
"The continuous evolution of technology such as augmented / virtual reality (AR, VR) and sensor technology have provided mobile gaming users an improved gaming experience with things such as realistic visuals and real-time data. Looking at the current mobile gaming industry trends, it is crystal clear that the explosive growth of mobile gaming is not slowing down anytime soon.", explained Alfred Winston.

Mobile Game Market Trends 2020 - Infographic

Infographic: Mobile Game Market Trends 2020

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