TikTok Consults Renowned Law Firm for Content Moderation Policy

As TikTok continues to become an ever present part of the social media landscape, it has become more important than ever for the people that run the company that owns the platform to look into content moderation policies that are going to be reflective of the kind of work that the company is trying to do all in all.

There have already been a few controversies here and there associated with the platform when it comes to things like content moderation, and a big part of the reason why so many people are not loving the content moderation policies that TikTok is applying has to do with the fact that there simply isn’t enough consistency and transparency in the manner in which TikTok moderates the content that appears on its app.

A good example of this is that TikTok does not allow political content on its platform, while a lot of people are complaining about the Hong Kong protests being banned on the app, and say that if other protests are allowed to be shown then this political content should also be included. Any protest related content from countries outside of China, which is where TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is located, is shown yet Hong Kong protests are consistently banned which shows a pretty serious double standard as far as TikTok’s moderation policy is concerned.

TikTok’s announcement that political campaigns would not be allowed on the platform was fairly well received, yet now the platform is receiving quite a bit of criticism because of the fact that a lot of users are posting TikToks that use political hashtags such as #MAGA among others and TikTok is allowing them to do so, something that shows that there is a lack of fairness within the ranks of TikTok that makes it difficult for users to get the optimal experience while they are using the app.

If there is one thing that TikTok needs, it is transparency as well as a little more consistency in how they handle things that violate their terms of use. Since the US is a decidedly different marketplace than China, TikTok has started looking into major corporate law firms that are meant to make it easier for them to develop a content moderation policy that everyone will be happy with and will also ensure that the content that is available on the platform is more or less safe for every single person to consume.

The law firm that TikTok has contacted is K&L Gates and this shows that TikTok is taking its American campaign as well as its attempts to become a dominant social media platform in the west very seriously indeed.

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