These are the 10 most popular emoji in all software platforms

Along with the updates on digital platforms, the format to communicate with others also changed. Earlier days, people used to prefer to talk with full punctuated words and now people use a short word which is considered as slang language. With the passage of time, the style gets upgrade and people try to change along with that change as well. Now, when the internet is full of hundreds of social media platforms people prefer communicating with others via emoji instead of words. We all heard a picture speaks a thousand words but we think in this generation a single emoji speaks thousands of emotions.

The conversations changed along with the new updates in the technology and digital platforms as well. Now people prefer sending a variety of emoji instead of sending long texts and these consider these emoji as a representation of emotions they’re going through.

Report by Unicode Consortium

Recently, Unicode Consortium released a list of most frequently used emojis by users over the internet and now we know about the ten most popular emoji for the first time ever. Unicode used a variety of frequencies to detect the category of emoji that will most probably have a more promising future than other emoji.

Unicode Consortium is a platform that creates a unique international standard for characters including emoji across multiple software firms and Unicode user frequency as one factor to detect the emoji with a more promising future ahead.

According to Unicode, this data of most popular emojis is published to help the people who are looking for some new emoji. With the frequently used emoji, it would put an impact on the categories and type of emoji the Unicode Consortium accepts. According to Unicode, this ranking of the most popular emoji in all software firms was based on frequency named median frequency across multiple sources. The characters with a variety of skin tones and genders were counted together in this report, newer emojis also failed to rank high as they usually take time to roll out to each and every platform.

Here are the top 10 most popularly used emoji in all software platforms.

· Face with tears of joy was ranked the highest

· Red Heart was ranked 2nd

· Smiling face with heart ranked 3rd

· Rolling on the floor laughing ranked 4th

· Smiling face with smiling eyes ranked 5th

· The folded hand was at 6th rank

· Two hearts ranked 7th

· Loudly crying face ranked 8th

· Face blowing a kiss was ranked the second-lowest

· Thumbs up was ranked the lowest

Conversations without emoji are considered boring nowadays and we all used a variety of emoji to express our feelings without saying any word. This list by Unicode Consortium displays that Face with tears of joy and red heart is the most popular emoji among all software firms. So, is your list of emoji also ranked similar to this list?

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