The Moderation Effect: Consumers Are Finally Decreasing Their Time Spent On Social Media

As much as we love social media and arguably can’t imagine our life without it now, there have been ever increasing concerns regarding the negative news about it. Yes, here in reference is Facebook who is still facing the criticism of security breaches and misinformation, and even companies like Instagram for affecting the mental health of people as they become more greedy to live a life that should have all the elements of a fancy Instagram post for maximum likes.

This all scrutiny together has brought up new digital well being tools in the hope of mitigating the after effects of social media on any human brain. These tools have emerged in the form of screen time trackers that help the individual to keep a track of how much time they are spending on phone.

However, that again is a challenge. Social media is so intertwined in our everyday life that one would have a hard time separating the online and offline life. Hence, if someone still gets successful in taking the action then it’s definitely something to be happy about.

If we go by stats then 39% of social media users in the U.S. and UK have decreased their time on social media over the past year.

In fact there are even more surprises when we dive deep down into consumers according to age group who have moderated their time spent on social media in the past one year. The source is of course GlobalWebIndex.

Consumers are moderating their time spent on social media - chart

Looking at the figures one can assume that consumers themselves have realized the negative impact and ready to battle it out with whatever is possible and well being seem like an effective tool to them for now.

The younger audience in particular are more aggressive towards decreasing their time spent on social media daily as 46% of 16-24s have claimed to cut down social media from their lives as compared to 34% of 55-64s. But on the other hand, this might have been possible due to the fact that Gen Z has always been obsessed about social media, just shy of 3 hours globally, and feeling the pressure of online life. Older generation has always been more at peace with what happens on social media because they don't really make it an integral part of their lives and therefore judge less as a consequence as well.

The report has also shown data on the basis of gender too, in which women seem to be more interested in reducing their time spent on social media with 44% and men stand at 33% overall.

While it may just be a piece of information for you, marketers actually rely on such figures. If you are one, then click this link to have a look at the statistics in detail.

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