Siri Update to Offer Third Party App Compatibility

Siri is Apple’s digital assistant which everyone gets on their iPhone. While it was a pretty big deal when it was first launched and it received rave reviews for ushering in a new era of services provided by smartphones subsequently prompting numerous other mobile manufacturers and operating system developers to offer their own version of a digital assistant, now people are starting to realize some of the flaws that Siri actually has. While most of these flaws are really not all that big a deal, they do impact the kind of satisfaction you receive while using the feature.

One major issue that a lot of people had with Siri had to do with the fact that it basically used Apple’s standard issue apps as its defaults. For example, if you asked Siri to message someone something for you, it would do so through iMessage or it would send a text message if the person you were contacting did not use an iPhone. While this made sense in a lot of situations, the fact of the matter is that some people simply don’t use iMessage and prefer to use WhatsApp or some other kind of messaging service instead, and to send messages through these services you had to specifically mention them which was a bit of a hassle.

The good news is that, as reported by Bloomberg, an update is coming through that is going to end up preventing this from becoming too much of an issue all in all. This new update is going to allow you to set a default app for messaging and calling so that when you give Siri a command that involves messaging somebody it would do so through the default app of your choice rather than simply using an app that Apple has pre-installed onto your phone whether you use this application yourself or not.

Photo: AP

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