Sim Card Infection Can Compromise User Data

Recently a sim based attack named Simjacker made the rounds with a lot of people talking about how it exploited the vulnerabilities present within unsecured SIM cards and gained access to user data. It seems like Simjacker is not the only thing that people need to be concerned about because of the fact that there is another attack going around that is coming from an app that goes by the name of WIBattack.

The manner in which WIBattack tries to obtain information in an illicit manner from your SIM is similar to the method used by Simjacker. While you may think the data present on SIM cards which is mostly in the form of text messages is not all that important in the grand scheme of things, this is actually not true at all. SIM cards have detailed information regarding your location, and this is basically the data that you need to protect at all times.

A hacker using WIBattack to access your SIM card could lead to your location being compromised which has the potential to put you at some serious risk. The manner in which this attack occurs involves the WIB, or wireless internet browser, contained within a number of SIM cards. The attacker sends secret instructions to the SIM card, instructions which essentially make the SIM card give up the data that is being sought after.

However it should be noted that this attack is not as serious as it may initially seem. Only about 10 percent of users have the WIB app in the first place, and most of them are not vulnerable to an actual attack. That being said, it is important for you to try and protect yourself so you should look into whether or not you have the WIB app so that you can take the necessary precautions if you do, in fact, have it.

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