Facebook Is Taking Serious Precaution Against Spread of Pirated Links

The entertainment sector is one of the biggest industry but one thing that is threatening it by every passing day is piracy. Users are not ready to spend too much just for entertainment, so they either record stuff or download it online. There are websites that are designed for uploading pirated content including movies, TV series, documentaries, and songs. For a long time, users were using social media websites for sharing pirated content online.

Although, most of other social networks are not banning anything but Facebook is taking piracy seriously now. Users can not share pirated content online using Facebook as a platform, in case the users try to share a link to a website where pirated content is present, Facebook automatically disables the comment. Same applies for the users who try to share a link via status or story feature, when the user tries to share anything that has pirated content, an error pops up stating the “post couldn't be shared, because this link goes against our community standards”.

Facebook Is Blocking Major Pirated Sites and their Links

One of the largest pirated content sharing websites “Torrent Freak” has noticed this recently that users are no longer able to share their website link online, however, for PirateBay things are still the same. It seems that although Facebook has taken strict action against the pirated content they are still struggling with the sites and links that they should ban. Where the entertainment industry has appreciated this step that they will no longer be robbed of their content and users will be buying their content through legal ways, things are not yet cooling down with users.

Users are felling that Facebook is going against their basic rule that they can share whatever they want. Though censorship of content like pictures, videos, and audios, Facebook has tried controlling how users should behave while sharing on social media, but users feel that this is like invading their privacy.

Source: https://twitter.com/ThatEricAlper/status/1179206918436462593

The main reason for developing Facebook was to create a platform where users can freely share their ideas without censoring. Dilemmas like these have always been a challenge for technology giants and they have struggled with this for the longest, it seems that users are still not done bashing Facebook about their actions.

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