Google Chrome introduces new settings to enhance user's privacy and looks like it spells ‘trouble’

Google is again hitting the limelight for invading user’s privacy. However, this time it is not with the EU or the general public, but the U.S. Lawmakers!

According to a report, the U.S. lawmakers have raised concerns over Google’s plan to introduce encrypted web addresses in their Chrome browser, stating that this may bring more user information in the search engine’s pocket.

Although not many internet users may be aware but even with so many talks about privacy, it is fairly easy to intercept web traffic, use fake websites to gather user’s data, and even track financial information. This is because web addresses are unencrypted – creating vulnerabilities for millions of users.

To rectify the issue, Google and its competitors are launching encryption for such web addresses. Doing this will cut out the current middle layer of ISPs, cable carriers and wireless networks. However, it will also bring more user data to Google.

The risk of Google intercepting more data has led Congressional antitrust investigators to analyze the company’s plans more thoroughly. The same investigation is being conducted on other tech giants as well including Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Google is planning to launch the test features for its users on Chrome from this month with a full rollout planned soon as well.

Photo: Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

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