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Recent research evaluates the best antiviruses and Microsoft was so close to the top. Nowadays with the improving technology, the risk of threats and spams is also increasing. Hackers try out a variety of new techniques to spread the virus in the systems and to invade the privacy of its users. No matter how much the technology improves, if a platform can’t secure our personal information from data breaches then there’s no place for its product in our lives. Users want their devices to be secure from any sort of viruses and companies are always working on new products to bring more ease by detecting unknown viruses easily.

Recently, a research was conducted by antivirus testing organization named AV-TEST to analyze the performance of the most popular security products of Windows 10 and only 3 of them topped the scoreboard this time.

Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, and Symantec Norton Security all of these security products got 6 points out of the maximum of 6 for protection, usability and performance tests held by AV-TEST. All of these security products reached the scoreboard with the highest of a total of 18 points in the research.

Along with the above three security products, some other large groups of apps were also analyzed during the research including the Windows Defender of Microsoft that comes as a built-in feature in Windows 10 and this product came pretty close to the list of toppers with a total score of 17.5 points. Total AV was the security product that received the lowest score of only 4 points for protection and performance and 6 points of its usability test.

More insight on the performance of Windows Defender

According to the test by AV-TEST, Microsoft’s Windows Defender received 6 points for protection and usability whereas it lost the title of being the topper by receiving only 5.5 points during its performance test. Bitdefender Internet Security also scored 6 points for protection and performance but lost 0.5 points in the test of its usability.

The study on the security products took two different rounds in the months of July and August 2019 and included tests for protection against 0-day malware, detection of widespread malware, false positives and also included the performance impact like the slowdowns due to app load. Windows Defender easily spotted the 100 percent of 0-day malware samples and widespread infections making it the highest product to beat the average 98.9% of industry products that detect unknown threats.

During the research by AV-TEST, Windows 10 antivirus was spotted generating a 33% slowdown during the installation of frequently used apps on low hardware crossing the average 285 slowdowns of the industry. The installation of top apps on powerful hardware also generated a slowdown of 31% in Windows Defender as compared to the industry average of 25%.

The Microsoft Windows 10 security solution only failed to detect one false positive of an application during the system scan other than that the solution worked without any sort of slowdown during the false warning evaluation.

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