EU Court Rules against Facebook, Content Might be Removed Internationally from the Platform

Facebook has always been a hub of criticism all around the world. First, the privacy concerns and now the issue of illegal comments. Recently, the European Union Court ruled against Facebook in which Facebook was ordered to remove the illegal comments against Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek. The comments were affecting her reputation.

The ruling of the EU is not only going to hit Facebook but all the tech companies as monitoring and handling online speech has been a concern for everyone.

The EU has stated that Facebook and other similar companies are not responsible for what users post over there but that does not mean that they can’t be ruled to put down all the illegal content. Just recently before Facebook, Google was also ordered to remove links from the “right to be forgotten”.

All this chaos suggests that illegal content is dangerous not only in terms of destroying reputation but also in aiding to mental stress and other psychological issues. To this end, controlling illegal content on social media is a must.

Facebook in an answer has questioned the ruling by the EU court showing the concern towards the freedom of expression. On one end, social media platforms provide an opportunity to the users to express their reservations, opinions and suggestions and on the other hand, taking down illegal content shows another thing.

Facebook states that one country should not impose their law on another country. The laws on speech are different all over the world and everyone should respect it. The ruling against Facebook might as well leads to specific obligations being imposed on internet companies to monitor their content and remove illegal content that might be damaging.

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