Adobe's Survey Results Reflect how Significant of an Impact Voice Technology has made!

Adobe recently conducted a voice technology survey and according to the results, 48% of the consumers are using voice for “general web searches”. This clearly shows how the voice search is slowly taking over!

Around 1,000 U.S. adults took the survey. Although the survey failed to differentiate between smartphone and smart speaker activities, it was clear that majority of the activities were transpiring on smart devices. 85% of the respondents confirmed that they had used voice tech on their smart phones. As for smart speakers, they had been used by around 39% of the respondents. Moreover, 44% of the respondents said that they utilized the voice tech in some form on a daily basis.

Respondents were highly in favor of voice technology and virtual assistants. 92% of them agreed that “voice technology saves me time” and a whopping 79% agreed that “voice technology improves and contributes to my quality of life.”

Still, there were some complaints about the accuracy of voice tech. Respondents agreed that when using voice tech, an accurate response can only be expected 69% of the time. Lack of comprehension was also a major concern among users.

Privacy concerns were also high. While 83% of the respondents said that accuracy concerns were significant, 81% voted in favor of privacy challenges.

Coming to the current uses of voice technology and virtual assistants and their usage frequency, the results showed that people use the tech for:
  • Shopping — 16%
  • Sending email — 17%
  • Checking the news — 27%
  • Setting alarms — 41%
  • General web searches — 48%
  • Playing music — 49%
  • Checking the weather — 49%
  • Sending a text — 50%
  • Making a phone call — 51%
  • Directions while driving — 52%
An enormous 94% of the respondents claimed that they wanted more smart devices to incorporate voice. 44% voted to have a touch screen included with the voice-controlled devices.

When asked about the potential uses of voice technology, majority of the respondents voted in favor of “travelling directions”. Tasks related to Bookings and Reservations also dominated the charts.

Overall, the survey accurately represented the impact of voice on the consumers today. A majority of the respondents praised the tech while citing the major concerns associated with it. Also, the current as well as potential uses of voice were clearly presented.

If the results are to be taken seriously, that can mean a bright future for the voice industry and virtual assistants. What is required now by these industries is to craft a smart business model and offer the right experience to the users. Once these areas are figured out, expect a significant BOOM!

Photo: Ian Waldie | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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