What’s New in The WhatsApp Beta Android Version?

WhatsApp has recently submitted the updated Android 2.19.282 Version via Google Play beta program. This version has been designed after a lot of effort however, users are still experiencing a few issues which obviously means that this will be updated soon. Most of the users were excited about the dark theme because both Facebook and Twitter have dark theme whereas, Instagram is also looking forward to releasing a dark mode. However, even in the recent updated version, there is no dark theme available yet. WhatsApp is looking forward to launching the dark theme soon but they want it to be completely bug-free making it easier for use. This feature is still under development and it is not visible for people who have already updated their WhatsApp.

Once the feature will be up and running, the users will be able to enjoy both the default theme and night theme as they chose. Another option will be to set the feature according to the system default where the app will detect the theme that is under use for the Android version. For this feature obviously, the user needs to have the latest Android version Q. Although, this feature is not visible for all but the users who have reported to have a dark theme are complaining that they are facing an issue with the text. The color of the text is not aligned according to the dark theme which makes it invisible. This might be the major reason the dark theme is not yet made available for all the users.

WhatsApp beta tests Dark Theme and disappearing messages

According to Wabetainfo, an additional feature that is going to become part of the new version is the disappearing messages option. Users will soon be able to choose if the message they are going to send will be disappeared with a few seconds, minutes, days or weeks. This means that this feature will help in setting the deletion of conversation on automatic basis, according to the selected option. This addition might seem quite innovative right now, but just like similar other services, this feature will not be welcomed by some users because this built frustration in the conversation plus it also requires senders to spend extra time to choose between multiple options.

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