iOS 13 Launch Marred by Touch ID Bug

Apple has been making a lot of waves recently with its newly launched products. The launch of the iPhone 11 has created quite a bit of hype, and the tech giant has also launched a brand new operating system for its smartphones, with the latest iteration being referred to as iOS 13.

The reviews for iOS 13 have mostly been positive with reviewers pointing out the beautiful aesthetics of the operating system as well as several improvements to functionality that have come about as a result of the OS’s numerous bug fixes.

However, the launch of iOS 13 as not been without its flaws. One of the major flaws that users are complaining about is the fact that the updated operating system has made it so that the touch ID on their smartphones do not work quite as well as it is supposed to.

While touch ID can still be used to unlock your phone as well as access a few other functions that your phone has to offer, the major problem that is being faced has to do with touch ID compatibility with third party apps. Basically any third party app that requires you to use your fingerprint to log in or interact with the app in any specific way is going to have its functionality compromised by this issue.

Apple needs to address this concern as soon as possible because of the fact that touch ID compatibility is a core component of any Apple product, especially when you consider the fact that most smartphones in the modern era rely on touch ID in order to provide user security. Users that have updated to iOS 13 are not going to get a very good experience out of this update until and unless this bug is fixed.

Photo: Chesnot / Getty Images

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