Google’s new Password Checkup feature is meant to help users with password weakling

With the new updates in Google’s system, now users will be warned about the password too simple to guess or used more often. Google’s new update in password creation is to help users create more secure passwords that are difficult to hack.

The majority of the internet-savvy users have dozens of online accounts and all users with the same passwords and they usually do that because it is really difficult to remember multiple difficult passwords of various accounts and this usually results in passwords that are too easy to guess by anyone.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone at all. According to a recent poll by Harris Poll and Google, a majority pf 75 percent of Americans feel frustrated to keep track of all their online account passwords. So, to ease its users from these frustrated feelings Google is adding a new feature named ‘Password Checkup’ to its Chrome browser and existing Google Account Password Manager that can easily warn the users if their passwords are too weak or used too often in multiple places. This new feature will also inform its users about the passwords discovered by Google that have been compromised by a third-party.

The launch of this new feature by Google coincides with Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In previous versions, users had to add the Password Checkup tool manually as an extension to Chrome browser but not anymore. This addition of new features comes as an attempt by Google to make its platform more secure when it’s under the scrutiny of lawmakers already.

If the vulnerability of your password is detected by Google’s new feature you can easily update or change it accordingly to reduce the risk of password breach by third parties. Google’s new feature is meant to reduce the risk of a hacker accessing all social media accounts of a person linked with identical passwords.

A bit more insight on Harris/Google poll

Americans are always too easy on the passwords. According to the poll, more than 24% of Americans have used common passwords like “abc123”, “admin” and “iloveyou’ among others and more than 59% of Americans have used their birthday dates or names as their passwords of online accounts and around 33% of Americans have their pet names as passwords.

When Harris poll surveyed the number of accounts guessed by others it displayed that more than 27% of people attempted to guess someone else’s passwords and around 17% of people even succeeded in that as well.

75 percent of Americans feel frustrated to keep track of all their online account passwords.

More privacy measure on Google Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant

Recently, Google announced a series of more privacy measures it will be taking to secure all of its platforms. In Google Maps, a new ‘incognito mode’ will be released that will make the searches of Google maps private. Searches in new incognito mode won’t be saved into the user’s Google account and will not be used to even personalize the experience of Maps for users.

The incognito mode is expected to be launched in Android this month and in iOS, it is expected to follow later on. Users can also turn off this feature if they want recommendations based on their earlier searches.

An auto-delete feature by Google on YouTube can enable the users to set a time frame to keep or delete their YouTube data after 3 months, 18 months or until the user chooses themselves.

Google new feature in its Google Assistant can enable the users to control privacy by their voice like if a user asks ‘Hey Google, how to keep my data secured?’ the digital Assistant will respond with multiple answers accordingly.

Now users can also delete anything from the digital assistant like saying ‘Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week’.

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